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Kelly Ripa Reveals She And Mark Consuelos Have Sex To Solve ‘Almost Every’ Marriage Issue

Kelly Ripa loves to open up about her life, and we love her for it. The 50-year-old talk show host just got really revealing when talking about her marriage on an episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan. Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, whom Kelly sometimes likes to call “Daddy,” was stepping in as a guest host, and the conversation got a little heated … in a good way!

Kelly and Mark were candidly chatting about the new HBO series Scenes From a Marriage. So, of course, they ended up drawing on their own experiences as a couple who have been married since 1996, which is basically an eternity in celebrity relationship years.

The hilarious host shared that she and Mark, aka “Daddy,” don’t have the kind of relationship troubles depicted in the show because, well, Daddy takes care of business. But she also said they rely on one pretty important thing to keep their relationship strong. And that thing is tons of sex.

Kelly adorably complimented her husband’s hands-on approach to dealing with household issues. She said that he just wouldn’t let the things fly that are happening in the fictional show.

“I was like, none of this would ever be happening in the Mark Consuelos household, because he would have nipped all of this in the bud immediately,” Kelly said.

She really paints her husband as an incredible caretaker. “He would have been like, ‘Oh, you’re upset? I know how to take care of that. Oh, you don’t feel good about something? I’ll take care of that. Oh, you’re feeling like maybe you’re overworked? I got you. I know what you need,'” she said.

I mean, day-um. That’s pretty much husband goals right there.

Kelly took her reveals about her husband one step further, though. “Because everything for Mark is settled with, everything is settled with…”

“Love,” Mark chimed in.

But Kelly was quick to correct him, saying, “Love and sexy time.”

Mark tried to tell the audience that they don’t settle absolutely everything with sex, but Kelly pressed on, saying that they really kinda do. “Just about almost everything,” she shared.

Hey, whatever works!

Sex to solve marital problems might not be in the self-help books, but honestly, it’s a pretty decent approach. Sex is deeply important to relationships, and it can deepen connections. There is obviously something that works about letting sex help bring two people closer, especially when they’ve been together for such a long time. Clearly, it’s working for Kelly and Mark, and their sex life is totally thriving — so there you have it.

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