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Man Gets Back At Nosy Neighbor By Organizing A Naked Mannequin Party In His Yard

Is it true that good fences make for good neighbors? Not in the case of Jason Windus in California.

It seems that the height of the fence he built around his backyard annoyed one of his neighbors, who complained that it created a safety issue and reduced visibility in the area.

Windus says he wasn’t trying to annoy anyone with his tall fence. He was simply trying to keep his dogs from jumping over it and escaping from his yard.

He didn’t think anyone would raise a fuss.

But the anonymous neighbor was mad enough about the situation to send a formal complaint to the city and that’s when things took a strange turn.

Soon Windus received an official notice that he would have to reduce the height of the fence he had constructed or else he would be charged a daily fine for failing to do so.

Now it was Windus who was angry. But he had to act quickly in order to avoid accruing fines from the city.

So he began to cut down his fence to measure exactly 36-inches in height, the maximum height allowed by law.

But Windus then went one step further. He came up with a clever plan to get back at the complaining neighbor who had caused all of the fuss.

He assembled an array of life-size mannequins, all in the nude, throughout his backyard to look like they were having a party.

He’d been saving them from his moving company business to use for target practice, but decided using them in a backyard display now that his fence had to be lowered was the perfect revenge against the complainer.

Displaying a touch of good humor, he also erected a sign next to one of the tables that indicated it was reserved seating for the “nosey neighbor” whose complaint to the city forced Windus to trim the height of his fence.

Windus says he feels vindicated that now the complainer has an unobstructed view into his yard, complete with naked mannekins.

Not only does the nosey neighbor get their wish to see what’s going on inside Jason Windus’ backyard, but Jason Windus has also extracted his revenge.

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