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British 23-Year-Old Man Discovers Tunnels Likely Used By Servants In Family Home

Freddy Goodall is a 23-year-old property developer. But, he had no idea that his own family property would have such incredible secrets behind it until now.

It all started when he looked back at a few pictures of his 500-year-old family home. One of the old images showed something he, personally, was unfamiliar with — a doorway in the library.

“I searched for it but couldn’t see anything at first, then realized it was hidden behind a bookshelf,” he explained.

“Eventually behind one of the books, I found a hole that looked into the hidden room,” he said, reports Metro. He chose to document the discovery on TikTok, and gained many fans who were similarly curious as to what this house really contained.

In the video, which has been watched over 4.5 million times so far, followers can see Freddy slowly dismantling the bookshelf to see what’s behind it. After removing the screws in the panels, he discovers an empty room. After seeing a similar panel on the floor, he goes to unscrew it to see if there are any other secrets. And, there are — he found a secret hallway leading to other underground rooms.

He also came into contact with a ladder that led him to yet another room he was unfamiliar with. The room was in bad shape and contained a ton of cobwebs and a wasp nest — but, it was something he didn’t know about until that moment.


Freddy believes the hidden underground rooms were likely made for servants. Judging by the age of the house and some other items that were eventually uncovered, it’s a safe bet.

“I was excited to find something new in a house I have lived in for so long! It was pitch black so very creepy at first!” Freddy stated.

The video, which is a compilation of all of Freddy’s footage, is a must-see for any architecture fan or history buff.

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