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29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying Neighbors

You don’t really get to choose your neighbors. All you can do is try your best to be a good one and hope they will too. Unless they’re acting like they’re the only residents in the neighborhood. Then you have probable cause for retaliation.

A few weeks ago, Redditor u/Robwaudby made a post on the platform, asking “What’s the worst thing you have ever done to an annoying neighbor?” And people immediately started replying with their stories—as if they were just waiting for someone to confess to.

From destroying lawns with bouillon cubes to filling locks with superglue, here are some of the most memorable stories from the 6,000 comments the post has received so far.


29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsMy wife and I had a neighbor who hated us because their family friends who went through a divorce lived there before us, and we bought the house. They were mean to my wife, parked across our driveway when she was about to go to work, threw pieces of wood over our fence, and let their dog cr*p on our lawn without picking it up. I tried talking to them a couple times and was promptly told to f-off. The husband used to brag about his lawn to everyone, so the next time it rained, I threw an entire box of bouillon cubes into their backyard and let the rain melt them into the grass. Their dog absolutely destroyed their yard looking for the smell, and I would make sure to comment on it every chance I got.



u/Robwaudby usually scrolls through Reddit to see what funny questions people have come up with. This time, however, he was doing the asking.

“I was sitting on my sofa watching TV and like most people, I have an annoying neighbor,” the Redditor told Bored Panda. “She thinks she’s the queen of the street.”

“I thought to myself, ‘I wonder how many stories people have about annoying neighbors?’ That’s when the question came together; I wanted to know how far people go to get back at them.”


29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsMy house is right on the corner of an area where the road turns into a T, I had issues with people cutting the corner and driving through my yard( one day someone damn near hit my dog) I went and bought a Boulder probably 300 or 400 pounds and put right on the corner. Come winter and we had a bad snowstorm. Someone was coming through in a lifted dodge and hit the Boulder going about 20 and totaled the truck. Since then though I’ve had 0 issues with people.




29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsI had a terrible work schedule and had to wake up at 2:30 to be at work by 4. My downstairs neighbors would blare loud music at all hours of the night, and I could feel the bass through my mattress. I went downstairs and politely asked them to turn it down, and they seemed to kindly agree. As soon as I got back in bed, they turned it up even louder and kept it going until about 1:30. Before I left for work at 3:30, I turned over my amplifier so the speaker was facing the floor, turned the volume up, and set my guitar on top of it. I left for my 12-hour shift, and the feedback was still screaming when I came home. The neighbors never blared their music again.


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A recent survey by Porch, a site that connects homeowners and professional contractors, discovered that the worst neighbors are nosy ones — those who cross the line of a friendly wave to peeping into other people’s yards, getting too personal when meeting at the mailbox, or just a general invasion of privacy.

The other top four irritating activities of neighbors include being too loud, not being able to pick up after their pets, parking in someone else’s designated spot, and leaving their children unsupervised.


29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsFriend had a neighbor who put in a very bright yard light that was pointed at her bedroom window. After a negative interaction when asking neighbor to re aim or dim the light or such, cue theatre stagehands. She put up a parabolic mirror pointed directly at dudes bedroom, used an old projector dowser, and an old lighting board to program a chase sequence that was hours long and repeated. End result was a beam of randomly blinking light that was aimed at neighbors bedroom window. When he complained she let him know that it was his light source and all he had to do was turn off his yard light.




29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsDid you know you can sign up for the Jehovah’s Witnesses to come to ANY address to teach you about their religion?





29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsWhen I was really young our neighbor (druggy) demanded we move our septic tank because he claimed it was partially on his property. He was a complete jerk about it and kept at it. My dads a really laid back person, eventually even he got mad and had the property line surveyed. Turns out not only was the septic tank on our property, not his, but the corner of his house and part of his drive way was actually on our land. Dad spent the next few months asking him when he was going to move his house off our land.


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u/Robwaudby didn’t expect that their post would get 16k upvotes or 6k comments. “Some people are really willing to fight back at an annoying neighbor and really go extreme on them,” the OP said.

“[But I] think most people have good and bad neighbors. Some of the reasons for falling out with them tend to be garden fence-related or simply loud music, something along these lines.”


29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsNot particularly exciting, but amusing.

We briefly had a neighbor who was a complete jackass. My personal pet peeve was when he would yell at our kids to “shut up” while they were playing in the backyard.

Next to his driveway was a big tree and I noticed he’d throw occasional hissy fits over the birds cr*pping on his car.

One week he was out of town but his car was still in the driveway. Each day I put a heaping pile of berries (blueberries, strawberries, etc.) next to the tree. He returned home to a car absolutely COVERED in technicolor bird poop.


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29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsOur neighbors were constantly fighting, would get drunk every weekend, and blasted loud music until 4 a.m. Well, the girlfriend went out of town for a week for a work training, and we saw another girl park outside the house while she was gone. We heard the new girl and the BF going at it very loudly too. So the next time they were being super loud at 2 a.m., we went over to ask them to turn down the music. They both yelled at us to mind our own business. My wife just casually asked, ‘Oh, did you get back together? What about that nice blonde girl who was over all last week? Is this a thrupple situation now?’ Then we went home and enjoyed listening to them throwing everyone out and having their last fight.


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29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsMy grandmother had a neighbor who refused to help her repair the fence between their properties. It was still functional, but falling apart. Any conversation about fixing the fence ended with him saying that it was on her property so it was her fence and therefore she was fully responsible.
My grandmother took a fall and was hospitalized for a few weeks, only to return home and find a new fence built an extra 5 feet into her property and a bill in the mail from the neighbor. He argued with her for months that she owed him, that the original fence was on his property, and that where it was now was the boundary line.

My grandmother got a surveyor and, surprise! The original fence was correct, and the neighbor had taken 5 feet off her yard. At this point she was very old, frail, and tired of fighting her a-hole neighbor. Instead, she let nature take over. She planted blackberries along the back fence, and within two years it was covered. Every year, she’d walk the fence and throw seeds over because, of course, it was still her yard. After five years of fighting, the blackberries had reclaimed her property. She’s been gone for a few years now, but the blackberries remain, her way of haunting her neighbor. He’s tried ripping up the ones on his side of the fence on numerous occasions, but the plants reseed themselves and grow back every year from her side.


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29 Petty Things People Actually Did To Take Revenge On Their Annoying NeighborsThe rich brats next door always threw loud, drunken parties when their parents were out of town. One Sunday morning, I went out to find the corner of our lot (which was a school bus stop) littered with used condoms. That night around midnight, I gloved-up and collected a bunch of them, snuck into the neighbors’ yard, and scattered them around the pool, the garage, and the back door where mom was sure to see them. There were no more parties.

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