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Goldie Hawn Opens Up About Son Oliver Hudson’s Had A Life-Threatening Emergency At Birth

Goldie Hawn may be one of America’s most popular moms. Even though kids Kate, Oliver, and Wyatt are grown, she still makes a point to spend time with them and share her adventures on social media.

But while it’s all fun online, Goldie admits that there were moments of parenthood that were less than ideal. One was the day that Oliver was born. While Goldie and her husband at the time, Bill Hudson, were anticipating their new arrival, there were complications at birth that made Goldie fearful that she wouldn’t be bringing her baby home.

Oliver was born on September 7, 1976. While labor and delivery nurses and doctors have a lot more resources and knowledge now than they did 45 years ago, it’s still a reminder that giving birth can have unintended consequences.

Goldie told the story on the podcast Sibling Revelry, which is hosted by Oliver and sister Kate Hudson. In the episode, she talked more about the time when Oliver was born. Oliver was Goldie’s first-born, with Kate following a few years later.

Goldie gave birth by cesarean section. “I learned that my baby might die,” she said. “You had a 40% chance of living. They wheeled me into my room, and it was dark, and all the hallways were dark, and they put me in my bed and the doctor came in and he was very upset.”

While the doctor acted concerned, he was trying to stay positive for Goldie’s sake. “He said, ‘He’s going to make it. He’s going to make it,'” Goldie said. But, that moment is a terrifying one for every new mom. And, it’s something women can’t control.

Goldie said that Oliver had meconium aspiration syndrome. That means that during delivery or right before, Oliver had swallowed some meconium and it had gotten into his lungs. It’s something that can happen in any delivery, and usually, the baby is immediately rushed to the NICU.

Eventually, Oliver recovered — and that’s when Goldie was finally able to see him. The moment was still scary, as she had lingering thoughts of what could have happened. “I was so afraid I would see you, and I would fall in love with you, and you would die,” she said.

The moment also impacted Goldie’s mother. Aside from her being upset that her grandson was sick at birth, Goldie shared that her mother once lost a newborn to SIDS, and the moment made her remember those tragic and traumatic moments. The early moments of Oliver’s birth also stuck with Goldie in ways she didn’t think.

Years later, Goldie attended a charity event that was held at a newborn intensive care unit, and she had a panic attack remembering the first moments Oliver had on Earth. It was a lot to overcome, and it’s something that many moms can relate to. The NICU can be a wonderful place for newborns who need help, but it often makes new moms feel like they somehow failed.

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