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Grandson Refuses To Let Grandpa’s Sons From His First Marriage Attend His Funeral

A death in the family can bring about a lot of emotions, such as happiness that you got to spend a life with someone — and also great sadness that the person is now gone.

Depending on the person in question, there are plenty of other emotions people can feel, too. One man recently took to Reddit to share that his grandfather’s funeral prompted a wave of emotions that reverberated throughout his family — though probably not for the reasons you might think.

It turns out that his grandfather was married once before his grandmother, and the children from that marriage showed up at the funeral. The problem? They weren’t on speaking terms with anyone else there.

The man writes that his grandfather ended his first marriage after 18 years.

“My grandfather passed away at the age of 97. 56 of those years were spent married to my grandmother (90f). Before that, my grandfather had a first marriage to another woman, and from that union a pair of twins, Steven and Shawn (both 77m), were born. My grandfather and his first wife divorced when the twins turned 18.”


His twin sons were not accepting of his second wife.

“My grandfather met my grandmother 3 years after her divorce. From the beginning of their relationship, neither of the twins accepted my grandmother. When my grandmother and grandfather got married, Steven and Shawn cut off permanent contact with my grandfather. He always made attempts to contact them, but the twins always rejected him.”


So when they showed up, he didn’t let them in.

“My grandfather’s funeral was held yesterday. My grandmother was inconsolable and the whole family absolutely destroyed. I (19m) was in charge of, so to speak, the ‘door security,’ as the funeral home did not provide one.”


And he didn’t let in their family members.

“To my utter surprise, Steve and Shawn showed up at the funeral with ALL of their families (wives, children, and grandchildren). Neither my family nor I know any of these people, except for the twins. They showed up and asked to please be allowed to come inside, but I didn’t let them pass since my grandmother was inside.”


He has a few good reasons why.

The grandson also shared his reasons for not letting the twins and their family in:

“The twins treated my grandmother horrible, and their absence tortured my grandfather all his life. My granmother also resents herself terribly, since she thinks she is the reason why the twins went no contact with grandpa. I know that if my grandma went to see the twins, she would be absolutely devastated.”

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