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How To Use Irish Spring Soap To Repel Garden Pests

Bar soaps are pretty common – after all, we only use it for sanitizing ourselves! Or do we?

I mean, what other uses can we possibly use soap for?

Introducing the Irish Spring Soap, which doubles as a garden pest deterrent as well as a garden air-freshener!

The strong-smelling soap can be used to deter any herbivores such as deer from eating your precious produce, as well as unwanted creepy crawlies and insects!

One way is to cut a soap bar into chunks before stuffing them into socks and stapling those soap-socks onto your garden fences to ward off these unwelcome visitors!

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Apparently, animals with sensitive noses do not like the smell of this soap – so do insects, thankfully!

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Planting mini fences around your garden and scattering bits of Irish Spring Soap works best for maximum deterrent effects!

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Who’d knew that a simple brand of soap could be so useful?

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