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Kanye West Is Reportedly Trying To Win Kim Kardashian Back But She Has A List Of Concerns

There’s still a chance Kim Kardashian and Kanye West can work things out, but sources say it will take quite a bit of work.

Despite the fact that the couple filed for divorce in February, there haven’t been any moves in making it final. Now it seems the couple is trying to work things out behind the scenes. While Kim and Kanye want to make things work for their four kids, Kim still has some concerns about getting back together.

“Kim and Kanye’s relationship is in a much healthier space,” a source told Entertainment Tonight.

“They have been speaking a lot more frequently and have been spending more time together on their own and as a family. Kanye is totally trying to win Kim back and she is considering it, but he still has a lot to prove to her,” the source continued.

“Their relationship had to start over in order for it to begin again, and there are still some things that he has to absolutely work on in order for things to progress.”

“She definitely sees that he has been making an effort, but she also knows that he can be a loose cannon at times and she is concerned about that,” the source continued.

“She is worried that one day he might snap and become mentally unstable again, making it an unhealthy environment for the kids.”

While there are definite reservations, Kim isn’t taking reconciliation off the table just yet. After everything that’s happened, there’s a connection there that can’t be denied.

“She is however hopeful and knows that he is currently on the right track,” the source noted.

“A part of them both want to have a happy, healthy, and faithful, partnership like they once had.”

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