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Man Asks If He Was Wrong To Ask A Mom Who Started Breastfeeding Her Baby To Sit At Another Table

Sometimes people get uncomfortable about things that others consider to be the most normal in the world. It could be that they were raised differently, or in their culture, some things are considered to be taboo.

However, as a society, we make some things out to be taboo although they shouldn’t be as they are normal and natural. That leads to people being uncomfortable while talking about it or witnessing those things. That was what happened to Reddit user Chance_Object_7968, who felt uneasy when a woman started breastfeeding her baby not too far from him.

He felt uncomfortable and asked her to sit in another place, but she refused. People who read the story came to a conclusion that the man was at fault and shouldn’t have said what he said.

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A man feels like he was being a jerk for asking a breastfeeding mom to sit at another table because he felt uncomfortable and asks the internet for a second opinion

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The original poster (OP) introduces himself as a 27-year-old man who has a job that allows him long breaks during which he likes to go to a café and sit there. Apparently the café in question is often busy, but it probably doesn’t bother the man as he evidently continues coming there.

After a while the baby starts crying and the mom understands it as a sign that her child is hungry. So she does what she has to and starts breastfeeding it. That is when the man becomes uncomfortable; he doesn’t know where to put his eyes and eventually asks if the woman could sit at another table.
The OP likes to spend his breaks in a café that usually gets quite busy

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

The OP describes that the mom looked sorry, but she didn’t move. So the man decided that he also wouldn’t go to the seat that was less comfortable and just hurried up to drink his coffee and left.

At the end, the man understood that he might have been rude and insensitive. He felt the judgemental looks from other café guests, but he had no intention to force the woman out in the first place.
One time a woman with a baby came in and asked the man if she could sit at his table as there were not many seats available


Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

The man said yes, but after a while, he regretted it as the mom started breastfeeding her baby and he felt uncomfortable

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

Chance_Object_7968 mentions that he realizes that breastfeeding is natural, but he still felt that he couldn’t stay in the café any longer. It is not uncommon for men to feel uncomfortable in situations like these. But it’s not that moms enjoy it either; at the same time, they will not leave their babies starving.

A lot of people in the comments were saying that the OP shouldn’t have said anything and many of them were repeating that it’s a natural thing that people should just accept it.

Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

He wanted the mom to sit in another place, but she couldn’t, so he quickly drank his coffee and left, but felt that other people didn’t approve of his actions


Image credits: Chance_Object_7968

It seems that the man really felt bad about asking the woman to go to another seat and wanted to know what others would think about the situation he was in. People in the comments showed no mercy and the verdict was that the OP was in the wrong for asking her to move.

But what do you think? Do you reckon that this man deserves redemption as he himself feels bad for his actions? Maybe you have some experiences that are similar to this and would like to share them? Let us know your reactions in the comments!
People who read the story unanimously agreed that the OP was being mean and shouldn’t have said anything

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