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Mother Conducts CPR On Newborn During Labour With Triplets.

In Griffin, Saskatchewan, a mom and her teenage son played an integral part in saving the life of a newborn while the mom was still laboring with its two siblings. The triplets are all doing fine now, but it was touch and go for a while there when little Karlee was born last July 16.

Danielle Johnston is seeing steady signs of improvement in her triplets, after she gave birth to Karlee on July 16 at home, followed by Jack and Liam’s births the day after.

Danielle Johnston had not been home too long after her trip to the doctor’s office, where they told her that her pregnancy at 32 weeks was progressing fine. She spent the evening with her four children, reading to her three younger ones. Then, she dozed off. But when she woke up about an hour later, she was in severe pain. Contractions were coming hard and fast, and she told her 15-year-old son, Dillon, to call the ambulance. But as soon as he did, Karlee was coming out, and Danielle actually had to gently pull her from her womb. She wasn’t breathing, so Danielle, still in labor, gave her CPR, and managed to get her breathing again.

Karlee Johnston was born not breathing, but shows every sign of getting stronger every day, according to her mother.

Young Dillon could have been frantic. I think most men out there, myself included, would have been going nuts if this were happening around us. But Dillon stayed calm the entire time and by his mom’s side through the whole process.

Says Danielle: “He’s my hero. I just love him so much… so proud of him.”

Fifteen-year-old Dillon Johnston was a calm presence while his mother was delivering the first of her triplets at home.

The ambulance got Danielle safely to the hospital with the other two babies still inside her. Brothers Liam and Jack were safely delivered the next day.

This actually was not the first time Danielle had saved one of her children with CPR. When her daughter Kate was only 10-months-old, the two of them were walking together on a beach when a sand cliff fell on them, knocking them down and covering them. When Danielle got up, she could not see Kate… she was completely buried by the sand. A terrified Danielle dug and dug until she found her, and by then she had turned blue. Danielle immediately cleared her daughter’s mouth and performed CPR on her until she revived.

Danielle Johnston’s nine-year-old daughter Kate also had a close call, getting buried under sand at the age of 10-months-old. In that case as well, Johnston saved her daughter by conducting CPR.

And when her son, Samuel, was only 6 weeks old, he, too, stopped breathing as Danielle was rushing him to meet the ambulance. She also gave HIM CPR and brought him back to life.

Now either this is the most unlucky family around… or the luckiest. I’d like to Think it’s the latter.

Danielle Johnston says her newborn triplets Karlee, Jack and Liam are precious additions to the Johnston family that now includes seven children.

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