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“Nice Store But Very Disappointed”: Karen Leaves A 1-Star Review For A Small Business After Mistakenly Letting Her Daughters Spend $126 On Stickers

Working with customers is a challenging job because you never know what kind of people you will meet and not all of them will be nice to you. It’s a job that requires an infinite amount of patience and excellent communication skills.

But sometimes unexpected things happen. TikToker and shop owner Austin Scott recently shared his experience with a customer that thought the stickers in his store were $5 for 20 pieces when in reality there was no such promotion. So when her daughters came home with stickers that they paid $126 for, the angry mom left a negative review that Austin thought he would share with the internet.

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A shop owner couldn’t stay silent about getting a bad review when he felt he has done nothing wrong

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Austin Scott is a TikToker with nearly a million followers and he also owns a small business, The Neighborhood, that sells keychains, accessories, clothing and stickers. One of his recent videos was a rant about a customer that left him a bad review.

Apparently, two girls came into Austin’s store and chose 40 stickers they wanted to buy. Each sticker costs $4, so the store owner was glad to do such a big sale just for stickers.
A woman let her daughters take 40 stickers thinking they were on sale, but they actually were $4 each

Image credits: AustinScott

It wasn’t unusual for someone to buy so many stickers, so Austin didn’t really think that much of it. He explained that if someone buys so many stickers, he gives them a secret discount, which is buy 3, get 1 free. And on top of that, he gave an extra 10 percent discount to the girls because they were young and he just wanted to show them gratitude for making such a big purchase.

The girls paid by card and after they left, Austin joked that his mom wouldn’t have let him spend that much money on stickers. Turns out, the mom of these two girls didn’t appreciate that either as the next morning, the store employee found a Google review giving the store one star.
The customer left a one-star review making it seem that Austin took advantage of her daughters

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In the review, the woman wrote that she was very disappointed in the store as she saw a sign saying that the stickers were $5 for 20 pieces, so she told her daughters that they could take 20 each. But in reality, the stickers were much more expensive. Austin answered to the customer that she must have been mistaken. He assumed that she might have seen the sign under incense sticks that indeed said 20 for $5, but that doesn’t mean that other things have the same discount too. He also added that despite the fact that there was no discount for stickers, he still gave her daughters a deal, and then he thanked her for supporting small businesses and artists that create these stickers.


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Other reviews were glowing as people were saying that they loved both the items that were sold in the shop and the staff. The most recent comments were talking about the negative review and people were calling the woman a Karen for being mad at the shop owner for her own mistake.

The woman did not respond to that in the Google reviews, but in the TikTok video Austin mentioned that she commented on her Square receipt, “I’m sorry, my husband and I seen the same sign. It said ‘stickers 20 for $5,’ but that’s fine. If it weren’t there you wouldn’t have gave them the first 20 for that price. You took advantage of an easy situation with two young girls. The word will spread.”
The only thing that was $5 for 20 pieces were incense sticks and Austin assumes that this was what caused the misunderstanding

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Austin then pointed out again what discount he gave to them and that it was all on the receipt. You can see in the video how frustrated the store owner was and how he couldn’t comprehend how this misunderstanding could have occurred.

Another thing that bugged him was that the woman didn’t reach out to him and try to find out what the actual situation was but went straight to write a hateful review, which, of course, was unpleasant to everyone working at the shop.
Here is the full video of the story

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People in the comments were taking Austin’s side. Some of them thought that the woman probably realized that she was in the wrong but her pride couldn’t let her admit that. What do you think of this situation and what’s your opinion about how both Austin and the girls’ mom reacted to it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!
People who saw the video were all supporting Austin and couldn’t understand the mom’s attitude


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