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Paralyzed Bunny Freezing In The Snow Wasn’t Ready To Give Up

They found a tiny bunny that had suffered a bite to his spine from an older aggressive rabbit.

The bunny was laying in the freezing snow, and his lower body was paralyzed.

The people who found him just so happened to be from Overlook Acres farm located in Ballston Spa, New York.

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Jason Ambrosino, owner, and his staff thought that the little bunny would have to be put down.

How can the rabbit live a full life without the use of his back legs?

They brought the bunny in, warmed him up and gave him some food.

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It was then that they realized that this tiny bunny was a fighter and had a strong will to live!

So, to help this tiny creature thrive, they all decided to help him as much as they could.

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Christine Griffith, known as the farm’s “bunny whisperer” got a toy skateboard and fashioned it into a makeshift wheelchair! Go, Wheelz!

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After this video was posted a lot of controversies surrounded Overlook Acres. They are a farm, but they raise rabbits to use them for meat.

This bunny was spared that life and appears to be well taken care of.

Many people were horrified to learn that Overlook Acres raises rabbits for food and leaves them outside.

But, we humans raise a lot of animals for food – cows, goats, buffalo, and chickens.

They all live outside too -they have shelters, called barns or chicken coops.

So despite the fact that they eat rabbits, at least in the bunny’s case, they cared enough not to put him down.

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