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Former New York Giants Star Brandon Short Loses His Pregnant Daughter To Gun Violence

Brandon Short had a seven-year professional football career, with five of those years spent playing for the New York Giants. These days, he populates his Instagram with family photos and opportunities that have come his way based on his athletic success.

That’s why fans were shocked when he posted about the visitation schedule for his oldest daughter, Karli. Karli was just 26 years old when she died. She was killed due to senseless gun violence, shaking up his family. It’s a reminder of how easily guns can take away the people we love the most.

To make matters even more upsetting, Karli was pregnant at the time of her death.

Brandon initially shared the news on Facebook, stating he was heartbroken. “I’ve lost the light of my life,” he said. “My oldest daughter Karli passed away this morning in a senseless act of gun violence. The love she had was so pure and true. The world lost a beautiful soul. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and please keep our family in your prayers as we struggle through this difficult time.”

The shooting happened in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, which is where Brandon grew up. She was located at 10:30 a.m. on the 300 block of 25th Street with a bullet wound in her head, according to Philly Voice. The publication also reported that she was employed by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center at the time of her death.

Penn State meant a lot to the family. Brandon was serving as a member of the board of trustees, even though he reportedly lives in London at the moment

“Our hearts go out to Trustee Brandon Short and Karli Short’s family and friends during this difficult time,” Eric Barron, president of the university, said.


“My heart is heavy as I think about the traumatic effect this tragic loss of a young person will have on the entire McKeesport community,” Eric Barron’s statement continued. “Our condolences go out to Brandon and the entire Short family.”

When Karli was found, it was too late — she was reportedly dead at the scene.

Back in June 2019, Brandon posted a picture of him holding Karli as a baby. “Then and now,” he captioned the series of pictures. “Karli and me freshman year at Penn State (1995) and last year (2017) at the theater in London.”

Tonight on @KDKA – This is the spot where someone found 26-year-old Karli Short with a gunshot wound to her head yesterday. She’s the daughter of former Penn State linebacker and NFL player. I’m talking to neighbors about what they watched unfold @KDKA pic.twitter.com/AoftOuo2n1

— MEGHAN SCHILLER (@MeghanKDKA) September 14, 2021

Brandon told WPXI that Karli was approximately five months pregnant at the time of her death. “We just found out it was a little boy, so we lost two,” he said. It’s unclear whether or not this was Karli’s first child, and it’s also unclear what happened when she was killed. Whether it was an accident or intentional is a scary question her parents are likely asking right now.

Brandon did reveal what was going through his mind, although the incident is still very fresh. “I’m heartbroken, angry. I’m frustrated. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do,” he said. “She was funny. She had such a big personality.”

This is Karli Short. She’s the woman first responders found shot and killed in McKeesport on Monday.

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