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SUV Driver Sacrificed His Own Car To Save The Pedestrians.

When Eric Marciano was driving his SUV through Montreal, Canada, he watched as a car shot through a red light. He was a little surprised by it but didn’t think much else about it. Then, he turned at the light and in the same direction that runaway car was going.

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A few blocks later, that speeding car did a U-turn and was heading back toward him, with several pedestrians and workers standing in the middle of the intersection. So Eric had to make a big decision in a split second. He swerved his SUV over the median and into the other lane, blowing his horn to alert the driver of the speeding car, but to no avail.

That speeding car slammed into the passenger side of Eric’s SUV. The man driving that car was the only one hurt in the incident, and those injuries were fairly minor. Police are calling Eric a hero for doing what he did.
Says Eric: “I didn’t want him to hurt anybody. I figured, sacrificing a car was really no big deal. And that’s what I did.”

CBC News

Authorities arrested the 19-year-old driver of the speeding car and charged him with several offenses. In court, shortly after the incident, the suspect’s mother thanked Eric, and told him her son had been dealing with mental health issues since he was a child. Montreal’s mayor said Eric’s gesture saved many lives and applauded his heroism. The world needs more people like Eric.

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