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Viral Video of Toddler Greeting Her Brothers After School Is Making Our Hearts Melt

We all remember the rush of serotonin when our children would greet us with open arms after a long day, but imagine coming home from school to see your baby sister running toward you with what can only be described as beyond excitement.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, 18-month-old Emelia “Emmy” Muddamalle waits for her three older brothers to come home from school every day, and greets them by enthusiastically running toward them as if she hasn’t seen them in months. And lucky for us, her mom was there to catch it all in a sweet video that’s been taking the internet by storm.

Emmy is a “quarantine baby,” which makes the scene even more touching

The term “quarantine baby” comes from babies who were born during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have spent a majority of their lives at home with their family around 24/7 and are now adapting to changing conditions as the people around them start leaving home. Emmy was used to having her three brothers Liam, 10, Levi, 8, and Lucas, 6, around at all times, so adapting to their new in-person school routine hasn’t been easy.

Having her brothers not be at home was a huge adjustment for little Emmy

Mom Brittany Muddamalle shared with Good Morning America, “She never experienced her brothers gone. This is the first time. She’ll wake up from her nap like, ‘Where in the world are my brothers?’ and look for them all day.”

And clearly, Emmy isn’t the only one excited to be reunited again

In the video, her three big brothers run just as excitedly toward their baby sister and embrace her in basically the sweetest group hug of all time

“They’re pretty close. With [Emmy], they just dote on her. They put her on their backs for piggy rides,” their mom told GMA. “They just do everything with her all day long, so when they were gone, she literally was like ‘What am I supposed to do?'”

The viral video is warming hearts everywhere during another hard year

The video was posted by their mom, aka @almostindianwife, on Instagram and TikTok and is warming hearts everywhere. Its garnered 18.5 million views on Instagram, and has raked in 4.2 million likes on TikTok.

So if you need a dose of goodness for today, look no further.

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